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Civilization can be judged by the way it treats its Minorities - Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet -
Department of Minority
Sl.No Name Designation Photo
1 Shri Mahiboob Sab, K.G.S.S Director
2 Niyaz Ahamed Shariff Joint Director
3 Deputy Director
4 Ayesha Firdouse Assistant Director
5 Kavitha E Assistant Director
6 Vacant   Assistant Director
7 Basavaraju P Assistant Executive Engineer
8 Javid Pasha Law Officer  
Administration Section
9 Ayesha Bi Manager  
10 Thotada Yeramma Stenographer  
11 Lakshmana Naik First Division Assistant  
12 Jyothi M S First Division Assistant  
13 Nandeesh S First Division Assistant  
14 Samina Siddiqua First Division Assistant  
15 Harish H J Office Superitendent (I/C)  
16 Sunita Hiremath Second Division Assistant  
18 Nagaraju K O Second Division Assistant  
19 Shanta Gowda Second Division Assistant  
20 Laila BiBi Data Entry Operator(OS)  
21 Shilpa N Data Entry Operator(OS)  
22 Mohammed Aneef Date Entry Operator(OS)  
23 T. Murugan Group "D"  
24 Lakshmi Devi P.V Group "D"  
25 Gowramma Group "D"  
26 Khaleel Ulla Shariff Group "D"(OS)  
27 Salim Group "D" (OS)  
28 Waseem Pasha Driver (OS)  
29 B Ramu Driver (OS)  
30 Vardharaj Driver(OS)  
31 Arun Driver (OS)  
32 Vinod Driver (OS)  
33 Venkatesh Driver (OS)  
Account Section
34 Madhu Data Entry Operator (OS)  
35 Junior Programmer (OS)  
36 Syed Jaleelulla Sha Khadri Programme Manager (OS)  
37 Archana Data Entry Operator (OS)  
38 Radha Data Entry Operator (OS)  
39 Waseem Pasha Driver (OS)  
Information Cell
40 Maheboob Pasha State Information
41 Marigowda H S Data Entry Operator  
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Study and Research Centre
42 Vacant Accounts Officer  
43 Vacant Librarian  
44 Vacant Manager  
45 Vacant First Division Assistant  
46 Khalid shariff Group "D"(OS)  
Scholarship Section
47 Syed Moinuddin Public Relation Officer (OS)  
48 Darshan.H Senior Programmer (OS)  
49 Arif Pasha Senior Programmer (OS)  
50 Raghavendra.M Junior Programmer (OS)  
51 Shruthi.M Junior Programmer (OS)  
52 Mohammed Manaz Shariff Junior Programmer (OS)  
53 Meghana Data Entry Operator (OS)  
54 Ruksar Banu PA to Director (OS)  
55 Salma Banu Dispatch Clerk (OS)  
56 Laxmi Group D (OS)  

OS: Out Source/Contract Basis Employees

Fax No.: 080-22865958
Candidates/citizens who have applied for various schemes under our department are hereby warned not to be influenced by trots or middleman promising getting work done or sanctioning of scholarships by department for monetary considerations,anybody found indulging in such corrupt practices whether they are staff of department or outsiders or candidates will be dealt with strictly under the law,complaints regarding same can be mailed us on dompublicgrievance@gmail.com
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