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Para- 218 Upgradation of Hostels Dated - 25:09:2018
Para-218 Increase in number of Students intake in Hostel Dated - 25:09:2018
Enhancement in Rate for Meals provided in all Hostels,Colleges, Residential Schools & in all assets of Minority Department where residential facilities is providedDated - 18:08:2018
GO : Grants Released for Purchase of Books to include in Minority Hostels Library,Dated - 18:08:2018
Own Hostels list
Under construction/site not available list
Government Order for Shifting of Post-Matric Minority Hostels,Dated:04/06/2018
Free Accommodation in 314 Hostels,Paper Notification,Dated:23/05/2018
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Pre Matric and Post Matric Hostels Abstract
Hostels Facility & Food charges
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Year wise List of 124 Hostels
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Government Order for starting students Hostels for the year 2007-08
Government Order for starting 70 New Hostels for the year 2015-16
Government Order for starting 70 New Hostels for the year 2014
Government Order for starting 25 Hostels,20 MDRS,5 PU College,2 Res School for the year 2017

Hostels for Minority Students

  1. Pre-Matric Hostels

    To facilitate quality education and to achieve Compulsory primary education 24 pre-matric boys hostels & 27 girls hostels are functioning under this Directorate with 2550 student beneficiaries/ inmates. The following facilities are provided in these hostels.

    • Students studying from 5th to 10th Std are eligible to get admission.
    • Food charges at the rate of Rs. 900/- will be provided for 10 months.
    • Free accommodation.
    • Two pairs of Uniforms.
    • Rs. 200/- for text books & stationary.
    • Rs. 300/- for bed sheets once in 3 years.
    • Medical Charges, Hair cut charges for boys.
    • Rs. 500/- monthly will be paid to 3 part-time teachers in each hostel.
    • Supply of newspapers.

  2. List of Pre-Matric Hostels

  3. Post-Matric Hostels

    To facilitate higher education 39 boys & 34 girls hostels are functioning with 4530 students under this Directorate. These beneficiaries are provided the following facilities.

    • Minority students studying in PUC, Degree & Post graduation Courses & equivalent courses are eligible to get admission.
    • Food charges at the rate of Rs. 1000/- per month for ten months.
    • Free Accommodation.
    • Provision of medical & library Facilities.

  4. List of Post-Matric Hostels

  5. Private Hostels run by Minority Organizations

    Minority voluntary organizations are running hostels for the benefit of students studying from 5th to 10th Std. These Private hostels are being supported with a boarding grant Rs. 500 per boarder for 10 months in an academic year. Presently 60 Grant-in-aid pre matric minority hostels with a strength of 3350 are being supported by the Department.

  6. List of Private Hostels run by Minority Organizations

    Hostel's for Working Womens

    Government Order of Hostels for working Womens
    Office Order

    Eligibility Criteria

    All Minority Working Womens Belonging to Muslims,Christians,Jains,Buddhist,Sikhs and Parsis are Elgible.

    • They Should Be Above 18 Years of age.
    • They Should Be Employees in Govt/Pvt/IT/BT Sector
    • Those Who are Under Going Training for their Employment will also be Eligible to get Accomodation.

    • Good Infrastructure with Library facilities
    • Good environment with CC Camera Surveillance
    • Free Accomodation(Rs 1500/-Per Month Food Charges)

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