Christian Development Program

         Government of Karnataka has considered the Christian Community as Minority community in Karnataka state. As per 2011 census the Christian population is 11.43 lakhs. As per section 15 (4) and 16 (4) of constitution of India they are classified into 3 “B” categories to get benefit under Education, Employment, Reservations and other Social and Economical development. In this line of development the Government of Karnataka has implemented numerous schemes for the development of Christian community, out of these schemes the following schemes such as providing financial assistance for the Construction of Community Halls, Repairs and Renovation of Churches, funds for providing basic necessities to Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Providing various Trainings under Skill Development Programmes, and also providing scholarships and incentives to Christian students through the Directorate of Minorities.
                        • Funds for Construction, Renovation and Development of Churches
                        • Construction of Community Hall
                        • Funds for Orphanages/Old Age Homes
                        • Skill Development Programme
                        • GNM and BSC Nursing Training
                        • Incentives to Christian Minority Students

         As per the Government order No: MWD.318MDS2011 Dated: 16/01/2012 funds are provided for the construction, renovation and development of churches across the state. As per this order for the repairs and renovation/development of churches a financial assistance of up to Rs.10 lakhs is provided.
             To get this benefit the following documents are to be produced.
                       • The interested persons/church authorities have to submit the following documents.
                       • Application in the prescribed format.
                       • Church Registration Certificate issued by the competent authorities/departments as the case may be.
                       • Audit Report (Prepared by a Charted Accountant).
                       • Site Documents in the name of the Church.
                       • The list of elected administrative members of the Church.
                       • Recommendation Letter from the Deputy Commissioner of the respective district.
                       • Spot inspection report issued by the District Officer Minorities/ District Officer Backward Classes and Minorities of the District.
                       • Church Photocopy Attested by the District Deputy Commissioner.
                       • Building Estimate Copies.
                       • An undertaking in a Stamp Paper.
                       • Any other document required at the time of scrutiny of file.

         If any Christian Community association is interested to construct community hall for the social and cultural activities of Christian Minority Communities across the state, the minority department will provide a financial assistance of up to Rs.100 lakhs at district head quarters and up to a maximum of Rs.50 lakhs, for other places depending upon the requirement and estimate.
             To get this benefit the following documents are to be produced.
                       • The association must be a registered association (Registration Certificate to be produced)
                       • The land/site details on which the community hall is to be constructed. (The documents) should be in the name of association.
                       • The Association must have obtained the building construction licence from the competent authorities for the construction
                         of the said community hall/building.
                       • The Association shell provides the blueprint and the original estimate copies duely attested by the competent authorities.
                       • Copy of the committee’s resolution and other details to get this funds sanctioned.
                       • To furnish the names list and addresses of the members of the working committee of the association.
                       • Attested building plan by Competent City Municipal Council, Town Municipal Council/Grama Panchayath as the case may be.


         As per Government order No: MWD 320 MDS 2011 Bangalore, Dated: 16/01/2012, grant-in-aid will be provided to self service institutions of Christian community across the state who maintain Orphanages and Old Age Homes, to provide the basic necessities.
             To get this benefit the following documents are to be produced.
                       • Application.
                       • Registration Certificate (In currency at least for the last 2 years).
                       • By law of the Association.
                       • Audit Report.
                       • Admission certificate with photos of the Orphans/Old Age people.
                       • Building Rent Agreement Paper/Khata Extract of Building.
                       • For 25 members at least 2500 sq feet building is required.
                       • Dimension and accommodation available in the building with photos.
                       • An Affidavit to the effect that the Association is not receiving benefits or assistance from any other person or source.
                       • Undertaking an Agreements as per the Government order.
                       • The Associations Bank Account Passbook attested Xerox copy.
                       • The list of Names and Addresses of the elected members and working staffs of the association.
                       • Spot inspection report of the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District.
                       • Recommendation letter from the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District.


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