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Civilization can be judged by the way it treats its Minorities - Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet -
Colony Development Works 2018-19 Details

Colony Development GO,Dated:03/11/2018

Colony Development Release Order,Dated:05/11/2018

Directorate Release Order Date: 23/08/2017

Goverment Order Date: 19/08/2017

Goverment Order Date: 21/07/2017

Committee & Guidelines of Colony Development GO

Releases 2016-17 1st Instalment

Releases 2016-17 2nd Instalment

Government Order

CMMDP District and Constituency Wise Dash Board

BagalkotCMDP 2017-18
Belagavi 2017-18
Bellay MCDP 2017-18
Bengaluru R MCDP 2017-18
Bengaluru U CMDP 2017-18
Bidar MCDP 2017-18
Bijapur CMDP 2017-18
Chamraja Nagar CMDP 2017-18
Chikkaballapur MCDP 2017-18
Chikkamagaluru CMDP 2017-18
Chitradurga CMDP 2017-18
D Kannada 2017-18
Davangere CMDP 2017-18
Dharwad 2017-18
Gadag CMDP 2017-18
Haveri CMDP 2017-18
Kalaburagi MCDO 2017-18
Kodagu CMDP 2017-18
Kolar CMDP 2017-18
Koppal MCDP 2017-18
Mandya CMDP 2017-18
Raichur CMDP 2017-18
Ramanagara MCDP 2017-18
Shimoga CMDP 2017-18
Tumkur CMDP 2017-18
UDUPI CMDP 2017-18

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