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Bidaai Scheme for financial assistance to the poor minority women/divorcees and widows belonging to Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist and Parsi community of the state for their marriage purpose.

As per the Government order No. MWD 533 MDS 2013, dated 13.11.2013 the bidaai scheme is being implemented to dole out Rs. 50000/- to the poor muslim, jain, Christian, Buddhist, Sikhs & parsi women/divorcees and widows at the time of marriage for purchasing essential commodities.

Eligibility :

  1. Must be a holder of BPL Card.
  2. This benefit can be availed only once in lifetime.
  3. The bride who gets this benefit should attain 18 years and bridegroom 21 years.
  4. Beneficiaries will be given Rs. 50000/- under this scheme.

Bidaai Instalments 2018-19

Grants Released for Jain 2018-19
Grants Released for Christians 2018-19
4th Instalment (General)
3rd Instalment (General)
2nd Instalment (General)
1st Instalment (General)
1st Instalment (Jain)
1st Instalment (Christian)

Bidaai Releases


Bidaai Instalment 2017-18

4th Installment (General)
3rd Installment (General)
3rd Installment (Christian)
3rd Installment (Jain)
2nd Instalment (General)
1st Instalment (General)
1st Instalment (Jain)
1st Instalment (Christian)


Bidaai Pendency Report Dated:30/07/2018
Bidaai Pendency Report
Bidaai Govt.Order
Corrigendum Bidaai
Bidaai Application Form
Bidaai scheme Circular
Bidaai scheme online software
Government Order

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